2017 Digital News Report

The 2017 Reuters Institute Digital News Report was published June 22. Covering 36 markets on 5 continents, it is the biggest internationally comparative study of news and media use across the world. I’m proud to be of the team behind it, including the lead author Nic Newman as well as Richard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, and David Levy.

The full report is available here, 161 slides with more detail here, and a 2:24 video with highlights here.

The best part of the report is always the chance to take it on the road and discuss the data and analysis with smart people from across the news industry, media research, technology companies, and policymakers.I had the good fortune to discuss it with an amazing panel including Melissa Bell from Vox, Mitra Kalita from CNN, Niketa Patel from Twitter, Jason White from Facebook, and Emily Bell from the Tow Center at our New York City launch event at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

A full video of my presentation and our discussion is here.


You’ll find plenty of discussion on Twitter under #DNR17.

Below are my 5 top charts, but really, if you care about news, media, and politics, you should dig in youself.

1. Journalists, news media, and technology companies are all viewed with considerable skepticism by most people in most countries.


2. Social media very important for how people get news,but growth has stalled in many countries-while messaging apps are on the rise.


3. We live in distributed media environment. Across 36 markets, 1/3 of online news users say going direct to websites and apps is their main way of accessing news, 2/3 say various forms of distributed discovery (search, social, etc.) is their main way.


4. While distributed environments are associated with fears of filter bubbles, we find that using social media, search, etc to in fact drive more diverse news diets


5. Finally, the business of news is still challenging, with very competitive advertising market and limited progress on getting people to pay for news–but the good news for news organizations is that younger media users pay for news at least as often as older ones do, and in fact are far more likely to pay for digital content and services generally.




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