A week in the news about the news

Little more than a week ago, I emailed two Danish journalists I know about this report from the OECD, on “The Evolution of News and the Internet.” I had seen it in draft form, knew it was about to be declassified, and thought it represented an interesting empirical challenge to the doom-and-gloom rhetoric that dominates many discussions of the news industry today.

Read the report, it is interesting, I promise.

One of the journalists did, and on Wednesday morning, with the OECD report published, this article appeared in the Danish morning broadsheet Politiken.

The people who produce this newscast on DR2 (public service television) clearly still read newspapers, and contacted me for a segment on the report for their show the same evening, so I stayed till late in the office and appeared via Skype.

The morning after, this digest was published on the business portal of another newspaper, Jyllandsposten (provided by a news service called MediaWatch). It is a fine little summary of two previous summaries that manages to transform the male author of the OECD report, Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, into a woman and conjure a “quote” from me–without ever actually speaking to me–by combining parts of what Lea Korsgaard, the journalist at Politiken, had written the day before, with parts of what she had quoted from our conversation.


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