Good reads – 06 14 10

1. Alan Mutter

Alan Mutter has a post noting how Yahoo may be moving from partnering with local content providers (like newspapers) to competing directly with them. Mutter suggests that if they go ahead and acquire Associated Content, they do it because they want to combine local content (from Associated Content) and behavioral targeting (on the basis of Yahoo’s databases of personal information) to sell premium advertising space, in direct competition with news organizations aiming at the same market.

2. Recaps of PdF’10

I missed out on Personal Democracy Forum ’10, so I have enjoyed Scola and Napolitano‘s digests.

3. Nicholas Lemann at Columbia Journalism School Graduation

This (opens as a .pdf) is cheating a little bit, since I actually heard it when it was delivered in mid-May, but Nicholas Lemann’s graduation address from the graduation ceremony of the Columbia Journalism school is worth looking at–in particular, his call for more journalists taking a part in the policy and business discussions that swirl around the industry right now is notable.


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