Review and book salon on Firedoglake

The US-based liberal political blog Firedoglake hosted a lively and interesting book salon discussion of my book this Sunday, moderated by Benjamin Kallos (NYC city council candidate, political consultant, and lawyer) and full of good questions from the FDL community.

Kallos has written a very nice review of my book that kicked off the discussion. Good reviews are of course always a joy to read, but I’m particularly happy that someone like him, with a rare combination of political experience, an activist pedigree, and very impressive academic credentials, likes the book. Here’s how he opens his review–

Ground Wars by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen is an essential new bible for political campaigns locked in the everlasting battle that has become modern American politics.

Look at the discussion too, many interesting points and questions raised, more than we could hope to answer in one evening.


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