Good read – 07 18 11

Everything everywhere seems to be about News Corporation and its assorted scandals-important, though I find myself wondering if audiences outside of Britain care nearly as much about this as editors, journalists, and media commentators around the world do.

This good read is in a different realm and one I just wanted to highlight as all the attention is elsewhere–It’s Alan D. Mutter again, who puts it straight in this great blog post (see especially his figure at the end, the rapid contraction of the print classified market represents about $15 billion out of the $21 billion newspaper revenues have declined by in the US from 2000 to 2010)–Newspapers remain, first and foremost, well, papers.

“Fifteen years after the commercial debut of the Internet, publishers on average still depend on print advertising and circulation for 90% of their revenues. Stop the presses and newspaper companies are out of business. It’s just that simple.”


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