Good reads 10 31 10

The Investigative Reporting Workshop published some of their work on the “new journalism ecology” emerging in the United States this weekend.

Check out:

(1) Charles Lewis’ lead article,

(2) their continually updated database, and

(3) his still relevant piece from 2007 in Columbia Journalism Review.

They are full of useful information on the”flowering of nonprofit news organizations” across the U.S. as new start-ups try to build sustainable forms of public interest journalism online and offline, beyond the legacy media businesses of the past–contributions to a new media environment that remain firmly rooted in some of the best of what the journalistic tradition has to offer, while trying to move beyond the mass-media/bureaucratic organizational forms that are in crisis in many  countries, and face challenges in all.

The journalists involved are few, compared to the net loss of about 20,000 newsroom jobs over the last fifteen years, but these initiatives are encouraging, important, and interesting nonetheless.


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