Good reads – 08 13 10

1. Net neutrality

Google and Verizon’s publication of a joint policy proposal on internet regulation has sparked quite a debate. A few picks from a big discussion: Siva Vaidhyanathan on MSNCB reminding us that Google is a self-interested company, it doesn’t work for us, WSJ reporting about Facebook’s criticism of the idea that cellular networks should not be subject to rules requiring equal treatment of all traffic, FreePress calling it a “corporate takeover of the internet,” Susan Crawford and Lawrence Lessig reminding President Obama that candidate Obama promised to support net neutrality.

2. (more) PR-journos matching

In less momentous news: as if there weren’t enough connections and plenty of PR already, the NYT reports that a new startup wants to match up businesses and organizations with journalists working on topical articles.

3. AdAge on the relatively slow marketing uptake of the iPad

According to this article, big brand advertisers are being slow (and measured) in their embrace of the iPad, wanting higher penetration and demonstrable impact before they commit. Perhaps news organizations should take notice of this before they convince themselves this is the gadget to save them.


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