Good reads – 06 28 10

1. Jay Rosen (and more) on what the Rolling Stone McChrystal story says about journalists and sources

Rosen (taking a lead from Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic) rightly pounced on this passage from a Politico story: “as a freelance reporter, Hastings [who did the interview and article that lead to the General’s ousting] would be considered a bigger risk to be given unfettered access, compared with a beat reporter, who would not risk burning bridges by publishing many of McChrystal’s remarks.”

Politico in turn removed the paragraph from the online story, resulting in further debate and this summary on their own site.

The combination of the malleability of digital publishing and the ease of copying and commentating is one interest dimension of this whole episode, the other is how it confirms every textbook media research finding about the relations between (regular) reporters and officials.

2. Frédéric Filloux on the pending sale of Le Monde

Nice overview here for those of us who haven’t followed it closely, dealing both with the business situation itself and the larger question of what Le Monde’s project is/should be today.

3. Alan Mutter on newspaper economics

Mutter is sobering and interesting as always, pointing out that newspapers in the U.S. have had a hard time capitalizing on the economic recovery so far, with further declines in print advertisement and newspapers’ online advertisements growing more slowly than the sector as a whole.


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