Upcoming presentation on mobilizing practices at CUNY

On Thursday the 25th, I’ll present some work-in-progress on mobilizing practices in American campaigns from my dissertation at the “Politics and Protest” workshop at CUNY. It’s 4.15 till 6.15 p.m. at the CUNY Graduate Center building on 5th Avenue, on the 6th floor.


3 responses to “Upcoming presentation on mobilizing practices at CUNY

  1. Very cool, Rasmus. Will there be a video of the event?

    • Thanks Josh. I’d be much surprised if there is video–it’s less of a formal presentation and more of a workshop very much focused on work-in-progress and a collegial reconstruction of people’s manuscripts.

  2. Ah, well hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to hear you present it at some point. There’s not much grad-student control over department colloquium schedule here at Cornell, but if the opportunity ever arose, I’d love to see if we could get you out here to present. I’ll keep digging. đŸ™‚

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