Covering the leaked federal history of the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq

OK, so various federal entities weren’t all that good at managing the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq.

And what’s more, they now officially know it, at least according to a 500+ page ‘federal history’, ‘Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience’, that has been leaked. Great, this is important.

Here is how the New York Times, who hosts the report linked to above, covered the story.

Interestingly enough, the report was leaked to ProPublica and the Times, here is ProPublica’s coverage.

This is good and important journalism (and largely fed by disgruntled federal employees).

I just want to note here that whereas ProPublica lists the institutional affiliation of both reporters, (by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica and James Glanz, The New York Times), the NYT does not list either (By JAMES GLANZ and T. CHRISTIAN MILLER).

Reading the Times article, it is only on the second page that the story mentions ProPublica… Go figure.


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